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JetBrains DataGrip is a cross-platform IDE for working with SQL and noSQL databases. It includes a DuckDB integration, which makes connecting to MotherDuck easy.

Connecting to MotherDuck in DataGrip

Start by creating a new data source, selecting DuckDB as the database engine. This opens up the Data Sources and Drivers window.

Token Authentication

To retrieve a MotherDuck token, follow the steps in Authenticating to MotherDuck.

In Data Sources and Drivers > General, select No auth option for Authentication. Then, fill out the URL field following this format, replacing my_db with your target MotherDuck database or leaving it out if no specific database is targeted:



In the Data Sources and Drivers > Advanced tab, add a variable motherduck_token set to the token retrieved from the prior step.


Click "OK" to begin querying MotherDuck!


The default schema filtering configuration of DataGrip may hide some of the schemas that exist in your MotherDuck account. Reconfigure to display all schemas following DataGrip documentation.