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Welcome to MotherDuck Docs

MotherDuck is a managed DuckDB-in-the-cloud service. DuckDB is a fully featured, free, and open source in-process OLAP database developed and maintained by the DuckDB community and DuckDB Labs. MotherDuck is a separate organization closely partnering with DuckDB Labs to build a DuckDB-based cloud analytics service.

As a DuckDB user, you can connect to MotherDuck Beta to supercharge your local DuckDB experience with cloud-based manageability, persistence, scale, sharing, and productivity tools. MotherDuck runs on vanilla DuckDB, so you can use your existing DuckDB skills and tools to connect to MotherDuck.

πŸ¦† With the current release of MotherDuck Beta you can:

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Getting started​

πŸ“ Signing up​

πŸ”₯ Tutorial​

πŸ—ΊοΈ MotherDuck UI quick tour​

πŸ’» Using DuckDB CLI​

🐍 Using Python​


At this point in time, MotherDuck supports only one version of DuckDB: v0.9.2