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NYC 311 Complaint Data

About the dataset

The New York City 311 Service Requests Data provides information on requests to the city's complaint service from 2010 to the present.

NYC311 responds to thousands of inquiries, comments and requests from customers every single day. This dataset represents only service requests that can be directed to specific agencies. This dataset is updated daily and expected values for many fields will change over time. The lists of expected values associated with each column are not exhaustive. Each row of data contains information about the service request, including complaint type, responding agency, and geographic location. However the data does not reveal any personally identifying information about the customer who made the request.

This dataset describes site-specific non-emergency complaints (also known as “service requests”) made by customers across New York City about a variety of topics, including noise, sanitation, and street quality.

The columns have been renamed to lower_case_underscore format for ease of typing. For more details on column data than below, see the associated data dictionary at that link above, in an Excel file.

unique_keyBIGINTYESUnique identifier of a Service Request (SR) in the open data set. Each 311 service request is assigned a number that distinguishes it as a separate case incident.
created_dateTIMESTAMPYESThe date and time that a Customer submits a Service Request.
closed_dateTIMESTAMPYESThe date and time that an Agency closes a Service Request.
agencyVARCHARYESAcronym of responding City Government Agency or entity responding to 311 Service Request.
agency_nameVARCHARYESFull agency name of responding City Government Agency, or entity responding to 311 service request.
complaint_typeVARCHARYESThis is the first level of a hierarchy identifying the topic of the incident or condition. Complaint Type broadly describes the topic of the incident or condition and are defined by the responding agencies.
descriptorVARCHARYESThis is associated to the Complaint Type, and provides further detail on the incident or condition. Descriptor values are dependent on the Complaint Type, and are not always required in the service request.
location_typeVARCHARYESDescribes the type of location used in the address information
incident_zipVARCHARYESZip code of the incident address
incident_addressVARCHARYESHouse number and street name of incident address
street_nameVARCHARYESStreet name of incident address
cross_street_1VARCHARYESFirst Cross street based on the geo validated incident location.
cross_street_2VARCHARYESSecond Cross Street based on the geo validated incident location
intersection_street_1VARCHARYESFirst intersecting street based on geo validated incident location
intersection_street_2VARCHARYESSecond intersecting street based on geo validated incident location
address_typeVARCHARYESType of information available about the incident location: Address; Block face; Intersection; LatLong; Placename
cityVARCHARYESIn this dataset, City can refer to a borough or neighborhood. MANHATTAN, BROOKLYN, BRONX, STATEN ISLAND, or in QUEENS, specifc neighborhood name
landmarkVARCHARYESIf the incident location is identified as a Landmark the name of the landmark will display here. Can refer to any noteworthy location, including but not limited to, parks, hospitals, airports, sports facilities, performance spaces, etc.
facility_typeVARCHARYESIf applicable, this field describes the type of city facility associated to the service request: DSNY Garage, Precinct, School, School District, N/A
statusVARCHARYESCurrent status of the service request submitted: Assigned, Canceled, Closed, Pending
due_dateTIMESTAMPYESDate when responding agency is expected to update the SR. This is based on the Complaint Type and internal Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
resolution_descriptionVARCHARYESDescribes the last action taken on the service request by the responding agency. May describe next or future steps.
resolution_action_updated_dateTIMESTAMPYESDate when responding agency last updated the service request.
bblVARCHARYESParcel number that identifies the location of the building or property associated with the service request. The block is a subset of a borough. The lot is a subset of a block unique within a borough and block.
boroughVARCHARYESThe borough number is: 1. Manhattan (New York County) 2. Bronx (Bronx County) 3. Brooklyn (Kings County) 4. Queens (Queens County) 5. Staten Island (Richmond County)
x_coordinate_state_planeVARCHARYESGeo validated, X coordinate of the incident location. X coordinate of the incident location. For more information about NY State Plane Coordinate Zones:
y_coordinate_state_planeVARCHARYESGeo validated, Y coordinate of the incident location. Y coordinate of the incident location. For more information about NY State Plane Coordinate Zones:
open_data_channel_typeVARCHARYESIndicates how the service request was submitted to 311: Phone, Online, Other (submitted by other agency)
park_facility_nameVARCHARYESIf the incident location is a Parks Dept facility and service requests pertains to a facility managed by NYC Parks (DPR), the name of the facility will appear here
park_boroughVARCHARYESThe borough of incident if the service request is pertaining to a NYC Parks Dept facility (DPR)
vehicle_typeVARCHARYESData provided if service request pertains to a vehicle managed by the Taxi and Limousine Commision (TLC): Ambulette / Paratransit; Car Service; Commuter Van; Green Taxi
taxi_company_boroughVARCHARYESData provided if service request pertains to a vehicle managed by the Taxi and Limousine Commision (TLC).
taxi_pick_up_locationVARCHARYESIf the incident pertains a vehicle managed by the Taxi and Limousine Commision (TLC), this field displays the taxi pick up location
bridge_highway_nameVARCHARYESIf the incident is identified as a Bridge/Highway, the name will be displayed here
bridge_highway_directionVARCHARYESIf the incident is identified as a Bridge/Highway, the direction where the issue took place would be displayed here.
road_rampVARCHARYESIf the incident location was Bridge/Highway this column differentiates if the issue was on the Road or the Ramp.
bridge_highway_segmentVARCHARYESAdditional information on the section of the Bridge/Highway were the incident took place.
latitudeDOUBLEYESGeo based Latitude of the incident location in decimal degrees
longitudeDOUBLEYESGeo based Longitude of the incident location in decimal degrees
community_boardVARCHARYESCommunity boards are local representative bodies. There are 59 community boards throughout the City, each representing a distinct geography. For more information on Community Boards:

To read from the sample_data database, please refer to attach the sample datasets database

Example queries

The most common complaints in 2018

WHERE DATE_PART('year', created_date) = 2018
HAVING COUNT(*) > 1000