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Welcome to MotherDuck!

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MotherDuck overview

MotherDuck is a cloud data warehouse and SQL analytics backend for building data apps.

MotherDuck is powered by DuckDB, a free and open source in-process OLAP database developed and maintained by the DuckDB community and DuckDB Labs. MotherDuck is a separate organization closely partnering with DuckDB Labs to build a DuckDB-based cloud analytics service.

As a DuckDB user, you can connect to MotherDuck to supercharge your local DuckDB experience with cloud-based manageability, persistence, scale, sharing, and productivity tools. MotherDuck runs on vanilla DuckDB, so you can use your existing DuckDB skills and tools to connect to MotherDuck.


MotherDuck currently supports DuckDB 1.0.0 and it is compatible with any client version 0.10.2 through 1.0.0