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Upgrading to DuckDB 0.9.2

DuckDB 0.9.2

MotherDuck currently supports DuckDB version 0.9.2 only. Support for DuckDB version 0.10.0 is coming soon!

Support for DuckDB version 0.9.1 ended on February 13 2024.

If you are connecting to MotherDuck from any version of DuckDB other than 0.9.2, you will receive an error.

Impact on 3rd Party Integrations

Third parties running DuckDB must also be on the same version as MotherDuck to work together. We have been in touch with all official MotherDuck partners make sure they are on the same version of DuckDB as MotherDuck.

If you are using a specific 3rd party that has is not on version 0.9.2, please reach out to with the name of the integration you are using. We will follow up on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I upgrade or downgrade to DuckDB version 0.9.2 or other versions?

A: Follow the instructions located here for installation, but specify the version you'd like when installing.

In Python for example, use pip install duckdb==0.9.2 --upgrade.

Q: Why does MotherDuck need to upgrade to 0.9.2?

A: The upgrade is important to enhance the stability and performance of DuckDB. Commonly requested features including Iceberg support are also dependent on version 0.9.2. MotherDuck also must maintain a consistent DuckDB version internally in order to improve the user experience and address support questions as quickly as possible.

Q: Will it happen again?

A: MotherDuck will soon be able to seamlessly support multiple versions of DuckDB.

Q: What happens if I am using a 3rd party tool that’s on a different version of DuckDB than MotherDuck?

A: Currently both MotherDuck and its clients need to be on the same version of DuckDB. If MotherDuck, for example, is on 0.9.2 and a 3rd party tool is on 0.8.1, MotherDuck and the 3rd party tool will not be able to communicate with each other.

Q: What error will I get if I try to connect to MotherDuck with a stale client?

A: You will receive an error similar to below:

Error: unable to open database "md:": Invalid Input Error: Initialization function "motherduck_init" from file "/Users/tinot/.duckdb/extensions/v0.8.1/osx_arm64/motherduck.duckdb_extension" threw an exception: "Invalid Input Error: Initialization function "motherduck_init" from file "/Users/tinot/.duckdb/extensions/v0.8.1/osx_arm64/motherduck.v1.12.19.duckdb_extension" threw an exception: "Conversion Error: It looks like you're using an older version of DuckDB. MotherDuck currently only supports DuckDB 0.9.2. Please upgrade DuckDB to 0.9.2 to use MotherDuck.

For more information go to""