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MotherDuck Fees Addendum

MotherDuck Corporation. Products and Fees Addendum
Last Updated: 04/30/2024

Table 1: Fees and Volumes

Platform Fee
Storage Volume
Query Volume
Included Additional Usage Fee Included Additional Usage Fee

Free Account

N/A 10 GB of storage N/A 10 CU-hours N/A

Billed Account

$25 3041.66667 GB-days $0.0025685 per GB-day 100 CU-hours $0.25 per CU-hour
  1. Free Accounts. Free Accounts are subject to limitations and restrictions which may change at any time, and MotherDuck may suspend a Free Account at any time and for any reason. Without limiting the foregoing, the following additional terms apply to Free Accounts:
    1. Limited Features. Certain features available to Commercial Accounts may be unavailable to Free Accounts.
    2. Consumption Caps. The Storage Volume and Query Volume available for Free Accounts is limited to the Included Volumes. To receive additional Storage Volume and Query Volume, Customer must upgrade to a Commercial Account.
    3. Internal Business Use Only. Customers having Free Accounts may use the Services solely for internal business purposes, and may not use the Services to deliver, or incorporate any part of the Services into, any product, service, or technology that is made available to third parties (including without limitation any commercial product or service).
    4. No Circumvention. Customer shall not create multiple Free Accounts or accounts participating in Trials and Betas on the Services, including for the purposes of obtaining additional Storage Volume or Query Volume or otherwise circumventing any usage restrictions established by MotherDuck.
  2. Commercial Accounts
    1. Billed Accounts. If Customer’s account is a Billed Account, then Customer is responsible for all consumption of Query Volume and Storage Volume by all accounts on the Services associated with Billed Account’s Organization. Once the Included Volume is exceeded, Customer will pay the Additional Usage Fee corresponding to consumption by the Billed Account and all associated Managed Accounts in accordance with Section 2.3 below.
    2. Managed Accounts. While an account remains a Managed Account associated with an Organization, (a) the Managed Account will be subject to administration by the administrative accounts designated by the Billed Account of such Organization and (b) the Included Volumes associated with the Managed Account will be exhausted by activities occurring under all other accounts associated with that Organization.
    3. Fees and Payment. If Customer’s account is a Billed Account, then Customer will pay MotherDuck, monthly in arrears, the sum of (a) the recurring platform fee for the Billed Account set forth in the Fees and Volumes table above and (b) the Additional Usage Fee (if any) for the Organization to which such Billed Account belongs in such month. MotherDuck may charge Customer the Fees on or after the last day of each calendar month and will pro-rate fees for the first month if Customer subscribes after the first day of such month.
    4. Authorization. Customer authorizes MotherDuck to charge all Fees, including all applicable taxes, to the payment method specified in Customer’s account on the Services. If Customer pays any fees with a credit card, then MotherDuck may seek pre-authorization of Customer’s credit card account prior to the applicable purchase to verify that the credit card is valid and has the necessary funds or credit available to cover the purchase. If MotherDuck invoices Customer rather than charging Customer’s credit card, then the Fees will be due within 15 days after the date of the applicable invoice unless otherwise set forth thereon.
  3. Account Changes. MotherDuck may permit Customer to (a) upgrade a Free Account to a Commercial Account or (b) downgrade from a Commercial Account to a Free Account, in each case of (a) and (b), through the Services. A Billed Account may be automatically downgraded to a Free Account if Customer ceases to pay all Fees due under the Agreement, and a Managed Account may be automatically downgraded to a Free Account if such Managed Account ceases to be associated with an Organization (including because the Billed Account for such Organization was deleted or failed to pay Fees when due). Customer acknowledges that a voluntary or automatic downgrade to a Free Account may result in the loss of account functionality and destruction of data. Trial accounts may be downgraded to Free Accounts at any time, including following the last day of the applicable trial period.

  4. Definitions
    1. Billed Account” means an account on the Services that (a) is associated in the Services with a business, individual, or other entity (an “Organization”) and (b) is identified in the Services as the account to which Fees corresponding to such Organization should be billed.
    2. Commercial Account” means either a Managed Account or a Billed Account.
    3. Free Account” means an account on the Services that is not associated in the Services with an Organization.
    4. Included Volume” means the amounts set forth in the “Included” columns of the Fees and Volumes table above corresponding to Storage Volume and Query Volume.
    5. Managed Account” means an account on the Services, other than a Billed Account, that is associated in the Services with an Organization.
    6. Measured” means the quantity of Storage Volume and Query Volume consumed by all accounts on the Services associated with an Organization as finally determined by MotherDuck based on its logs and monitoring of the Services.
    7. Additional Usage Fee” means, with respect to an Organization and for a given calendar month, an amount calculated by (a) subtracting the Included Volume from each of the Measured Storage Volume and Measured Query Volume for such Organization in such month and (b) if either or both of the resulting differences are greater than 0, then multiplying each such difference by the corresponding amount set forth in the “Additional Usage Fee” column of the Fees and Volumes table above. If both the Measured Storage Volume and the Measured Query Volume for the applicable Organization are less than the corresponding Included Volume, then the Additional Usage Fee shall be $0.
    8. Query Volume” means the number of database queries submitted to the Services by or through the applicable account.
    9. Storage Volume” means the volume of data hosted on the Services that is associated with the applicable account.