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World-class team which worked on databases and cloud services at AWS, Databricks, Elastic, Facebook, Firebolt, Google BigQuery, Neo4j, SingleStore, Snowflake and more.

Antony Courtney

Founding Engineer
Antony joins us from Snowflake where he was a Principal Engineer on their Web UI. Previously he was an Eng Manager in Languages and Runtimes at Facebook and a Core Strat at Goldman Sachs. Antony created and maintains Tad , an OSS data exploration tool.

Boaz Leskes

Founding Engineer
Boaz joins us from Elastic where he was a Distinguished Engineer on the Elasticsearch team, and later the Tech Lead for their cloud platform. Previously he was the CTO of Buzzcapture, a social monitoring service.

Jacob Lacouture

Founding Engineer
Jacob joins us from Facebook, where over the course of 9 years he worked on problems spanning the data warehouse, ads ranking, AI infra, and storage. Most recently, he was the technical lead for BLOB storage. Prior to Facebook, Jacob spent 5 years at Microsoft building transaction support into NTFS.

Jordan Tigani

Founder & CEO
Jordan joins us from SingleStore where he was Chief Product Officer. Previously he was a product leader, engineering leader and founding engineer on Google BigQuery.

Leila Horejsi

Co-Founder & VP, Ops + GTM
Leila joins us from Fast where she built the account management org. Previously she was VP of Customer Success at Outreach and Sprinklr after a long career at Adobe in Sales and CS.

Nick Ursa

Founding Engineer
Nick joins us from Better where he built the data platform. Previously he was building the NY Times data warehouse as the tech lead.

RJ Atwal

Founding Engineer
RJ joins us from leading query processing and storage teams at AWS. Previously he was the head of data engineering at both OpenX, the world's largest independent Ad Exchange, and for Samsung SmartTV and Ads business. He was also a software engineer at Teradata working on their optimizer.

Ryan Boyd

Co-Founder & VP, Marketing + DevRel
Ryan started his career as a software engineer, but since has led DevRel teams for 15+ years at Google, Databricks and Neo4j, where he developed and executed numerous marketing programs.

Stephanie Wang

Founding Engineer
Stephanie joins us from Google BigQuery where she was the tech lead of the BigQuery developer tools team, building the CLI, client libraries and J/ODBC drivers.

Tino Tereshko

Co-Founder & VP, Product
Tino joins us from Firebolt where he was VP of Product. Previously he was a product manager at Google BigQuery and a Tech Director of the Google Cloud Office of the CTO.

Yves Le Maout

Founding Engineer
Yves most recently was CTO and VP of Engineering on progressive data analytics at STOIC. Previously he held leadership roles in IT for financial services.

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