Serverless SQL Analytics Powered By DuckDB

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Cloud database storage

Manage your DuckDB database catalog in the cloud for easy scaling and collaboration.

SQL analytics engine

Efficiently run the same SQL queries on data stored locally, in MotherDuck or in your data lake.

Simplified database sharing

Create a shareable snapshot of your data, which your colleagues can easily attach in MotherDuck.

Hybrid query execution

Use idle compute on your laptop in concert with the cloud to increase speed and lower cost.

Notebook-like UI

Use the web to browse the data catalog, write SQL, filter and sort results and share data.

Strong DuckDB ecosystem

Use with 25+ tools in the modern data stack for import, orchestration and business intelligence.

Cloud data warehouse for the rest of us

Hardware has advanced a lot in the last 10 years, but we’re still using complicated distributed data processing circa 2005. MotherDuck provides a simplified, performant and efficient data warehouse based on the lightweight DuckDB engine for the 95% of data warehouses that don’t need petabyte scale.

Data lake query engine

Do you have all your data in a cloud data lake? Or perhaps just your cold data? MotherDuck uses DuckDB to query your data where it sits as parquet, iceberg, or CSV files. With a notebook-like web UI and vectorized execution, you can run SQL queries on your data sitting in-place.

Serverless backend for Data Apps

Customers of SaaS applications are demanding fast and fresh analytics on their data to make better decisions. Developers often tackle this with analytics queries running on the transactional database (hopefully a replica) which are not designed for the task. MotherDuck uses DuckDB to provide a better solution.


Managed DuckDB-in-the-cloud


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