This Month in the DuckDB Ecosystem: July 2023



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It’s Marcos again, aka “DuckDB News Reporter” with another issue of “This Month in the DuckDB Ecosystem for July 2023.

Another month, another incredible time for the DuckDB ecosystem, especially after an incredible DuckCon 2023 SF. So many great tutorials, videos, resources, and even an interesting approach in the eternal comparison between DuckDB and ClickHouse.

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Sam Ansmink

Sam Ansmink has been a valuable member of the DuckDB Labs team for over a year. He has recently made notable contributions to some exciting projects! Among these are the Apache Iceberg extension for DuckDB and the practical DuckDB AWS extension. While both projects are still in their early stages, we eagerly anticipate what Sam will bring to the table next!

Learn more about Sam here.

MotherDuck - DuckDB in the Cloud

Tomasz Tunguz, one of my favorite VCs turned writer/blogger shares his insights about the launch of the Managed DuckDB service by MotherDuck. Based on his own words: there is magic behind the hybrid execution feature.

From Waddle to Flying: Quickly expanding DuckDB's functionality with Scalar Python UDFs

DuckDB now supports vectorized Scalar Python UDFs.

Three ways to use Airflow with MotherDuck and DuckDB


Tamara Fingerlin from the Astronomer team shares how to use MotherDuck and DuckDB with Airflow.

DuckCon 2023 SF Talks playlist on YouTube


In that list, you will find all the technical talks shared in the past DuckCon #3.

Abid Ali Awan from KDnuggets wrote an article explaining why DuckDB has gained so much popularity in the last months.

Data Adventures: Why You Should Dive Into DuckDB

Gustavo Alessandri, Software and Data Engineer at BairesDev, explores the benefits of DuckDB as an ally for data professionals.

How to Use DuckDB and Pandas for Data Analysis

The team from Kanaries wrote a tutorial about how to use Pandas and DuckDB together.

DuckDB vs SQLite: What is the Best Database for Analytics?

The same team from Kanaris shared this comparison between DuckDB and SQLite.

Leveraging DuckDB for enhanced performance in dbt projects

Łukasz Ściga from Astrafy explains how to use the power of DuckDB to make your dbt projects more performant.


ClickHouse 🤝 DuckDB = OLAP²

ClickHouse and DuckDB can be friends, according to Lorenzo Mangani from Gigapipe.

Upcoming events

DataEngBytes - August 2023

DataEngBytes is a unique annual conference happening across four cities in Australia.

Ryan Boyd from MotherDuck and many others data leaders will present awesome talks!

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