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While we're busy building MotherDuck, we've been releasing some kernels of our beliefs in podcasts, conference talks, blog posts and news articles. We wanted to consolidate some of these publications into a single post for those interested in learning more about how we think big data is dead and easy data is the future.

First Thoughts

Jordan Tigani, our Chief Duck Herder, started sharing his thoughts last April, a couple months before bringing the team together to kick off MotherDuck. He talked with Sanjeev Mohan, the legendary analyst at SanjMo (and formerly of Gartner).

Funding Announcement

We've been very privileged to receive investment from some of the top firms in venture capital, with Andreessen Horowitz leading our Series A quickly after Redpoint led our Seed round. This gave us an opportunity to talk to many journalists and be featured in 15+ publications. Here's a sampling.

Along with the funding announcement, some of our investors wrote profiles on why they invested in MotherDuck.

Podcast with Joe Reis and Matt Housley

Jordan sat down with Joe and Matt in June (shortly before the MotherDuck kickoff) to talk about What's Next for Analytical Databases. He emphasizes how most people query data from the last day or the last week (the "active data"), not the total dataset.

Ducky Data Crunching on the Laptop at move(data)

In this 10 minute talk, I give an overview of DuckDB and what makes it special, show some back-of-the-napkin performance metrics and talk about the problems we're thinking about at MotherDuck.

Upcoming Talks

Later this month, I'll be giving a talk at Data Day Texas in Austin on how Your laptop is faster than your data warehouse.

In early February, Boaz Leskes and Yves Le Maout will talk at DuckCon 2023 (colocated with FOSDEM in Brussels) about our efforts to build a cloud-based DuckDB service and how it can compliment DuckDB running on your laptop.

We also hope to be at Data Council Austin in March, the Modern Data Stack Conference in April and the Data + AI Summit in June.

  1. First Thoughts
  2. Funding Announcement
  3. Podcast with Joe Reis and Matt Housley
  4. Ducky Data Crunching on the Laptop at move
  5. Upcoming Talks

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