This Month in the DuckDB Ecosystem: August 2023



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Hey, friend πŸ‘‹

It’s Marcos again, aka β€œDuckDB News Reporter” with another issue of β€œThis Month in the DuckDB Ecosystem for August 2023.

This month proves what we are already seeing in our internal channels: the DuckDB ecosystem is growing stronger with time: more companies like Rill Data are considering using DuckDB for production environments, more people are considering DuckDB for fast data analysis development, and so on.

As always we share here, this is a two-way conversation: if you have any feedback on this newsletter, feel free to send us an email to


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Archie Sarre Wood

Archie Sarre Wood is Head of community at Evidence an open source, code-based alternative to drag-and-drop BI tools. He has recently built a great VS Code extension for DuckDB.. It allows you to connect to a local, in-memory or MotherDuck (via service token) DuckDB instance and run queries. It also supports exploring db, tables and columns in the explorer view among other features!

Learn more about Archie here.

dlt-dbt-DuckDB-MotherDuck: My super simple and highly customizable approach to the Modern Data Stack in a box

Rahul Joshi talks about Modern Data Stack in a box with dtl, DuckDB, Motherduck and Metabase.

Exploring StackOverflow with DuckDB on Motherduck


Michael Hunger proved in this post that DuckDB is powerful enough to analyze a rich dataset like StackOverflow data. And yes: he used Motherduck for it.

Fast DuckDB-Powered Dashboards with Rill and MotherDuck


Katie Staveley shows in this post how the integration between Motherduck and Rill Data works smoothly.

DuckDB vs. The Titans: Spark, Elasticsearch, MongoDB β€” A Comparative Study in Performance and Cost

Jianzhen Shu did a very interesting comparison between these Titans.

A Comprehensive Guide for Using DuckDB With Go


Sergey Olontsev provides an interactive way to combine the power of Golang and DuckDB.

Process Hundreds of GBs of Data with Coiled Functions and DuckDB


Patrick HΓΆfler shares a very interesting use case for DuckDB: combining it with Coiled Functions.

DuckDB vs. MotherDuckβ€Šβ€”β€Šshould you switch to the cloud version?


Anna Geller provides an interesting perspective on which version of DuckDB to use: your local DuckDB instance or the managed DuckDB from Motherduck.

Exploring the Overture Maps places data using DuckDB, sqlite-utils and Datasette

Simon Willison shares his interesting perspective about working with maps and DuckDB, sqlite-utils, and Datasette.

Observability and Log Analytics with DuckDB


Juan Carlos MΓ©ndez plays with the idea of using DuckDB for observability and log analytics

DuckDB Wasm Kit

Hooks and utilities to make it easier to use duckdb-wasm in React apps. Created by Matt Holden.

Upcoming events

DataEngBytes - August 2023

DataEngBytes is a unique annual conference happening across four cities inΒ Australia.

Ryan Boyd from MotherDuck and many others data leaders will present awesome talks!

London low key data meetup MotherDuck & LEIT Data - 19th September 2023

Join MotherDuck and LEIT Data for a low-key data meetup right before Big Data London conference! More info about the event here. Don't forget to register to get a free drink!

MotherDuck Meetup User group - September 2023

MotherDuck, in collaboration with Dataroots, is pleased to announce our very first in-person user meetup group in Belgium on 25th September to talk about MotherDuck, DuckDB and all the things data.

Full agenda and registration here.

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