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This Month in the DuckDB Ecosystem: November 2023



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It’s Marcos again, aka β€œDuckDB News Reporter” with another issue of β€œThis Month in the DuckDB Ecosystem" for November 2023.Β 

As always, this is a two-way conversation: if you have any feedback on this newsletter, feel free to send us an email to duckdbnews@motherduck.com

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David Gasquez

David Gasquez is a data engineer at Protocol Labs.

David has done anΒ awesome service to the DuckDB community by creating a GitHub project to curate all the awesome DuckDB libraries, tools and resources.

Check out Awesome DuckDB on GitHub.

You can connect with David on GitHub, X or LinkedIn.

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Summing columns in remote Parquet files using DuckDB

Simon Willison is using the power of DuckDB to access remote Parquet files, hosted on Hugging Face, to work with 148 TB of image data.

Getting Started With DuckDB For Data Analytics In Python

Jie Jenn provides an useful example about how to use Python and DuckDB for Data Analytics

Cached Takes: 80% of Companies do not need Snowflake or Databricks

Do you really need a big data warehouse service? According to Kieran Healy, you can solve your problems with DuckDB.

Cube : Introducing DuckDB and MotherDuck integrations

The ecosystem for DuckDB is growing exponentially every single day, and this integration with Cube is a good example of it.

Researchers, please replace SQLite with DuckDB now

If you are a researcher, you need to hear this advice from Dirk Petersen: move to DuckDB now and enjoy the benefits.

Spark, Dask, DuckDB, Polars: TPC-H Benchmarks at Scale

This is a very interesting benchmark conducted by Matthew Rocklin

Create DuckDB Connection and Dataset using Delta Lake Parquet File in Apache Superset

If you were waiting for a signal to combine Apache Superset and DuckDB, this is it.

Harnessing in-process analytics for data science and beyond

This presentation from GΓ‘bor SzΓ‘rnyas provides a lot of insights about in-process analytics using the power of DuckDB.

An Intro to DuckDB: The SQLite for Analytics

When, Why, and How You Should Consider Using DuckDB, according to Karen Zhang.

Building a modern data stack in a box using DuckDB, dbt, Meltano and Streamlit

The modern data stack is evolving with time, but we know one thing for sure: DuckDB is part of it; and this article from Rahul Soni proves it.

A Modern Geospatial Workflow: PyEnv, Poetry, DuckDB, and JuPySQL

More people are considering to use DuckDB for geospatial apps (and they should), and Jake Gearon shares an interesting example here.

Pandas v1 is dead, what's next ?

The answer is obvious: DuckDB; according to Julien Hurault

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Upcoming Events

Airbyte move(data): Fixing the Data Engineering Lifecycle

6 December 2023 | Online 🌐

MotherDuck co-founder Ryan Boyd will speak at the Airbyte move(data) conference on Fixing the data Engineering Lifecycle, a short talk based on his discussions with the community in preparation for the panel at Coalesce with the same name.Β 

OpenD/I Summit:

28th-30th November 2023 | Online 🌐

This online conference will feature talks from leaders across Data, Cloud, Blockchain, AI, Web3. MotherDuck co-founder Ryan Boyd will present on "Data Analytics in the Post-Big-Data Era."Β 

An abridged history of DuckDB: database tech from Amsterdam

27 January 2024 | Austin, Texas, USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

In this session, Peter Boncz will discuss the evolution of analytical database systems, starting from the classical relational database systems, all the way to DuckDB - the fastest growing data system today.Β 

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