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MotherDuck team

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We’re MotherDuck, a software company founded by a passionate flock of experienced data geeks. We’ve worked as leaders for some of the greatest companies in data: Snowflake, Databricks, AWS, Google BigQuery, Elastic, SingleStore, Meta. We now think it’s time to challenge the status quo.

We come together based on a set of shared beliefs:

  • Scale out is expensive and slow. Let’s scale up.
  • Big Data is dead. Long live easy data.
  • Your laptop is faster than your data warehouse. Why wait for the cloud?
  • DuckDB slaps. Let’s supercharge it.

We’ve partnered with the amazing DuckDB team and community to build the Next New Thing™ in data.

Stay in touch with us to hear about what we’re working on and reach out if you want to chat. Of course, we also hang out on the DuckDB Discord server.

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