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MotherDuck's HQ Nest is Ready for the Flock



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MotherDuck was founded with a distributed team around the globe. As we have expanded the employee flock, it has concentrated in four geographic areas: Seattle, San Francisco, NYC and Amsterdam. As we continue to grow, we believe it is important for our MotherDuckers to have regular in-person connection to support a culture of collaboration and to create community. With this in mind, we have begun opening up offices in each of our hubs. In November, we invited our friends and family to help us celebrate the grand opening of MotherDuck’s headquarters, located on the waterfront in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood. The location is fitting; we see many of our feathered friends on Lake Union, along with boat planes, rowers, the occasional hot tub boat, and unrivaled sunsets behind the Seattle skyline.

MotherDuck Seattle Office View

We wanted our office space to reflect our values:

  • Flexibility
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Unorthodoxy

Our office has flexible work spaces so that our team can come together to collaborate or step away to deeply focus. We know that people work best differently, so we put thought and care into creating spaces for individuals to do their best work here at HQ.

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It wouldn’t be MotherDuck without a little Unorthodoxy, our sense of humor and uniqueness is sprinkled throughout the office creating a working environment that is intentionally inclusive for all, is reflective of our values, and allows us to have the connection and community we want for our MotherDuckers.

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With our HQ nest in place, we are geared up to add new teammates to the flock in the months and years to come! Learn more about careers at MotherDuck and see open positions.

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