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About Secoda: Secoda consolidates multiple tools into a single data management platform to simplify your data catalog, lineage, governance, monitoring, and observability processes. Secoda creates a single source of truth for an organization’s data by connecting to all data sources, models, pipelines, databases, warehouses, and visualization tools. Regardless of technical ability, it is the easiest way for any data or business stakeholder to turn their insights into action.

Benefits: Data catalog and discovery: Easily search across all columns, tables, dashboards, events, and metrics. AI powered search lets you ask any question to your data and get a contextual answer, fast. Get answers to questions like “Can I drop customers_id without impacting other data?”

Enterprise data governance at scale: Control who has access to what data assets internally and externally with granular role-based access controls. Automate workflows and documentation: Perform bulk updates, tag PII data, manage tech debt, build custom integrations, identify the least used resources, and more. Eliminate manual error and have total trust in your knowledge repository. You can also generate documentation and queries from your metadata. Full lineage across your entire data infrastructure: Identify the impact to upstream or downstream assets and immediately notify stakeholders before changes are made. Bring data quality tests into lineage so you can stay ahead of any data issues.

Built in data quality tools: Secoda connects data quality, observability, and discovery in one platform. Get visibility into pipeline metadata such as cost, query volume, and popularity. Monitor and optimize the health of your pipelines, processes, and data infrastructure as a whole.



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