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Local dev, cloud prod with Dagster and MotherDuck

Join us for a webinar to combine the speed of local dev with the scale of the cloud

Thursday, April 18th @ 10AM PDT

When building data pipelines, transitioning from local development to production can sometimes be difficult. Join Dagster and MotherDuck for a masterclass and demo on developing locally and shipping to production with confidence!

local dev, cloud prod

Hear from Alex Monahan, Forward Deployed Engineer at MotherDuck, and Colton Padden, Data Engineer & Developer Advocate at Dagster Labs, to learn how to aggregate your data in the cloud with MotherDuck's managed offering of DuckDB. We'll then persist our data to a local, in-memory instance of our DB within Dagster for follow-up processing.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!