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Ducks in a Row: Take Flight with the Modern Duck Stack

Virtual webinar with Dataring, Zerodha, and MotherDuck

Tuesday, July 23rd @ 10:00am EST

Have you noticed DuckDB and MotherDuck mentions on the rise these days?

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MotherDuck and Dataring’s upcoming webinar dives into why enterprises are jumping on the duck train due to its performance, cost-efficiency, and scalability.

Our expert panelists will discuss the virtues of incorporating MotherDuck and DuckDB into your data infrastructure and showcase how these tools can drive efficiency in a modern, data-powered enterprise.

We will also walk through a case study of Zerodha’s implementation of DuckDB and its impact on their data processing capabilities. Finally, we will explore multi-engine data stacks, focusing on the integration of DuckDB with Snowflake to achieve substantial cost reductions.

Join us on Tuesday, July 23rd at 10:00am EST to gain valuable insights from our featured panelists: