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This Month in the DuckDB Ecosystem: December 2023



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It’s Marcos again, aka “DuckDB News Reporter” with another issue of “This Month in the DuckDB Ecosystem" for December 2023. We are closing 2023 and yet, there's some great content in this edition. I'm curious to see specifically where WASM is going to lead the data world in 2024!

Wishing that 2024 brings all your data dreams to life and carries health and joy to you and your family!

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Christophe Blefari

Meet Christophe, a dedicated individual who has been thriving in the field of data engineering for the past 8 years. He has a passion for all things data and has been deeply involved in the subject from the very beginning. His newsletter "Data News" is well-regarded in the data world for its high-quality content. Recently, he presented at a DuckDB meetup in Berlin, with interesting demonstrations from his experiments.

You can connect with Christophe on his website, X or LinkedIn.

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A Simple Demo To Analyze 32GB AML Data With DuckDB

Wei Huang shares a good example of using DuckDB for Anti-Money Laundering analysis.

BigQuery and MotherDuck

A fascinating article from Brian Suk about how to combine the power of GCP’s BigQuery and MotherDuck.

My browser WASM’t prepared for this. Using DuckDB, Apache Arrow and Web Workers in real life

Motif Analytics goes over their experience using DuckDB WASM for processing data locally, right in your browser.

Summing columns in remote Parquet files using DuckDB

Simon Willison wanted to calculate the total size of the 'size' column to understand how much space Discord's CDN uses for these Midjourney images. This is a great example of how effective DuckDB is at reading remote files.

The future of BI: exploring the impact of BI-as-code tools with DuckDB

Mehdi Ouazza delves into the new players in the BI arena (Rill, Evidence, and Streamlit) and sheds light on the rising trend of BI-as-code.

If you're feeling lazy, feel free to watch the video instead.

Dagster, dbt, duckdb as new local MDS

Georg Heiler discusses the evolution of data workflows with a potential implementation of the current state-of-the-art development guidelines for data transformation pipelines.

Extensions for DuckDB-Wasm

In case you missed it, DuckDB-Wasm users can now load DuckDB extensions, allowing them to run extensions in the browser.

Is MotherDuck ProDUCKtion-Ready?

There's a distinction between releasing a product and it being ready for production. GoodData shared their insights and performance tests while using Motherduck.

Announcing: DuckDB code snippet sets with MotherDuck sharing

DuckDBsnippets.com now supports adding a shared database attached to your DuckDB snippet(s), making sharing your queries even easier.

Speed-Querying StackOverflow data with DuckDB ft. Michael Hunger

In this talk, Michael Hunger (co-author of the upcoming DuckDB in Action book) explores StackOverflow's vast data using DuckDB and MotherDuck.

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23 January 2024 | Ireland, Dublin 🇮🇪

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2 February 2024 | Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱

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An abridged history of DuckDB: database tech from Amsterdam

27 January 2024 | Austin, Texas, USA 🇺🇸

In this session, Peter Boncz will discuss the evolution of analytical database systems, starting from the classical relational database systems, all the way to DuckDB - the fastest growing data system today. 

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