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This Month in the DuckDB Ecosystem: March 2024



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Hello, this is Mehdi, also known as the cap dude from MotherDuck, bringing you the 16th edition of the DuckDB ecosystem newsletter. Time flies... or should I say, ducks fly?

In this month's edition, we have a diverse collection of blog links and videos for you.

We always welcome your thoughts and news. Please share them by emailing duckdbnews@motherduck.com.


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Matt Forrest

Based in New York, Matt serves as a Field CTO at Carto. He's passionate about empowering others to leverage modern GIS and spatial SQL to enhance their work and careers. If you're seeking resources on Geodata with DuckDB, Matt is the person to consult or follow on YouTube.

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You can use a supercomputer to send an email, but should you?

Niels Claeys has written an engaging piece where he evaluates different data processing engines, including DuckDB, and categorizes them based on scalability, simplicity, and cost efficiency.

Elevating Movie Recommendation Systems with DuckDB and Pandas: A Guide to Smarter Data Workflows

One of the most time-consuming steps in a Machine Learning pipeline is data preparation. DuckDB aligns perfectly with this use case as it integrates seamlessly with Pandas-like data workflows.

DuckCon #4 talk lightning talks released

The DuckDB team has released the lightning talk videos from DuckCon #4, which took place in Amsterdam this February. You can hear how companies like Datacamp and Tecton AI are utilizing DuckDB by checking out the videos.

SQL Gymnastics: Bending SQL into flexible new shapes

DuckDB continues to innovate in its SQL dialect, and Alex showcases the versatility and power of what you can achieve with it. I'm always in awe of his SQL skills.

How are you using DuckDB at your company?

Reddit can be a valuable source of insights (when the trolls are away). This recurrent post discusses how various organizations are implementing DuckDB in their production environments. It's fascinating to learn about DuckDB's diverse applications in the field.

DuckDB Meets Apache Arrow

We definitely don't talk enough about Apache Arrow, the unsung hero of the data world. This article reintroduces DuckDB and Arrow, explaining how they synergize for scenarios like data sharing across different systems.


In the second installment of our series, we delve into building an end-to-end data engineering project with DuckDB and dbt, focusing on the data transformation of PyPi download statistics. A highlight of this part is the inclusion of real unit tests within the code.

Implementing Hardware-Friendly Databases (with DuckDB co-creator, Hannes MΓΌhleisen)

Enjoy a deep dive into DuckDB and database fundamentals in this engaging discussion with Hannes MΓΌhleisen, co-creator of DuckDB, and Kris Jenkins. It's an informative session for those curious about the inner workings of DuckDB.

pip install data stack

Julien Hurault challenges the norm by attempting to build a complete data stack using only Python libraries. His experiment explores new tools, including BI-as-code, DuckDB, and more, showcasing the versatility and potential of Python in data management.

Federated Querying using DuckDB on blockchain data

There's growing interest in DuckDB's capability to federate queries. This article illustrates how DuckDB can be used to query data from disparate sources, such as PostgreSQL and blockchain databases, showcasing its flexibility and power.

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Upcoming Events

We aim to centralize all Duck-related events at [motherduck.com/events](https://motherduck.com/events/), but here are some highlights:

Take Flight with dbt and DuckDB, Dropping Dev Warehouse Costs to Zero

4 April, online 🌐

Reduce your analytics development expenses with DuckDB and MotherDuck integrations through paradime.io. Paradime offers a dbt development environment, which pairs perfectly with DuckDB and Motherduck.

Happy Hour with Data Universe Friends

10 April, New-York, USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Join us for happy hour at Data Universe. Come talk about data, semantic layers, AI, and more with the Data Dream Team!

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