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The most efficient Pricing model in analytics

A cloud data warehouse that feels like a local environment with ridiculously low costs

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Dive in and experience the speed and efficiency of MotherDuck. No credit card required.

  • Up to 10 GB of Storage
  • Up to 10 Compute Unit Hours Per Month
  • No credit card required
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A generous amount of storage and compute time—perfect for making a splash.

  • Up to 100 GB of Storage
  • Up to 100 Compute Unit Hours Per Month
Additional Usage

Storage: $0.08 / GB / month

Compute Unit: $0.0000694 / sec

 plan's illustration


If you need help understanding how much storage and compute you need, we’re here to help.

  • Customized Storage
  • Customized Compute Unit Hours


What workloads do you have?

Data added per day

Our calculations will take the daily data generated/added and assume a 1-year data retention period. For example, if you generate 1 GB of compressed data daily, you will have 365 GB of data stored

Daily Volume

Storage Unit


Is your data compressed?

On average we observe roughly 8x compression ratio on data in MotherDuck


Total: 45.63 GB* | 46 CU-hours

*Assuming 1 year of data at 8x compression

Standard plan's illustration


We estimate the Standard Plan will cover all your usage.

$25 / MONTH
Included usage

Free Plan includes 10GB and 10 CU-hours per month. Starter Plan includes 100GB and 100 CU-hours per month. Learn more here

Compute46 CU/hr$0Storage45.63 GB$0Additional usage

When you exceed Storage and Compute included in the Plan, you pay for the additional Storage and Compute you consume.

Compute0 CU/hr$0Storage0 GB$0
Total (per org / mo)

Predictable pricing without flyaway costs

  • With billing down to the second, you only pay for the CPU time you use. No more paying for resources you’re not actually using.

  • MotherDuck’s novel hybrid architecture combines DuckDB and the cloud, allowing you to do much of your work locally, at no cost.

  • Industry best price-performance powered by serverless DuckDB

  • With our generous free-tier, you can explore all that MotherDuck and DuckDB has to offer.

Predictable pricing without flyaway costs
Predictable pricing without flyaway costs

STARTUP program

If you are a VC-Funded startup, you may be interested in our Startup Program. We offer up to $10,000 in credits for eligible startups.


Has your side project taken off faster than you anticipated? Don't let the cost of overnight success get you down. Chat with us and we’ll help with the bill.

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Do you have a free trial?
Every new account gets a free 30-day trial. Explore and use as much as you want without worrying about costs.
How is compute usage measured?
Every second, we take a measurement of how much compute you’re using. This means that you only pay for the compute you’re using. No paying for idle resources, for “cluster time” that’s just waiting for IO or network to free up, or other common inefficiencies.
Is there a per query minimum?
It’s common in analytics data warehouses to have a one minute billing minimum. We at MotherDuck don’t think that’s fair. So our billing minimum is a single Compute Unit-second. That is, every query should cost a single Compute Second at a minimum!
What is a Compute Unit?
A MotherDuck Compute Unit is a CPU, simple as that.
What is a real-world customer example?
  • A typical user may generate 1 Gigabyte of compressed storage per day, keeping a year’s worth of data. They may run overnight dbt jobs and host BI dashboards, resulting in 364 Compute Unit hours being used every month.
  • Thus they’d use 365 GB-months and 364 Compute Unit-hours per month. That’s 265 GB-months and 264 Compute Unit hours above the Standard Plan (which includes 100GB-months and 100 Compute Unit-hours).
  • Thus they’d pay $25/mo for the Standard Plan, plus 265*0.08 = $21.2 for storage and 264*0.25 = $66 for compute.
  • In total, they’d owe $25+$21.2+$66 = $112.20.
Is there a limit to how many users I can have?
During the 30-day free trial and on the Standard Plan, there is no limit on the number of users in your organization. The Free Plan has a limit of 5 users per organization.
Are there any long-term commitments available?
At this time, we are only billing monthly. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.
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